CSX Guard v4 – Source code

W paczce znajdziecie kod CSX Guarda czyli modyfikacji klienta CS 1.6 służącej do ochrony gracza. Krótki readme
This is a client-side modification for Counter-Strike, which is designed to protect your game client from "unwanted" commands, such as "motd_write" and "snapshot". Moreover, it provides a whole lot of additional features (some of then include blocking QCC messages and MOTD windows, removing FPS limits built in the engine, plus fixing some bugs and annoyances; and that's not even all of them).

Source code is also avaliable (Delphi 6 or newer is required to compile; 2009/XE/XE2 are not supported).

Works on any Counter-Strike 1.6 version (2637 to 4554), the video mode and the renderer does not matter.
Steam versions of Counter-Strike are also supported.

1) Extract the archive contents to your Counter-Strike folder (in the same directory that contains "hl.exe").
2) Launch the game; the welcome message should appear in your console.
You can also use the DLL injector instead of ASI-loader, this doesn't affect the initialization process.
The "Source" directory contains the source code, which isn't required for gameplay.

The file "CSXGuard.ini" contains all the configurable parameters which can be changed.

Full feature list:
- selective command blocking (currently there are 227 commands in the list)
- QCC/QCC2 message blocking (only if your client supports them)
- MOTD window blocking
- removing the built-in limits for ex_interp and cl_updaterate
- removing the built-in FPS limits
- selective command forwarding (helps bypassing the alias-detectors)
- a fix for case-sensitive file name filters; manual configuration is also supported
- removing the protection set for cvars with FLAG_SPONLY flag
- removing the cvar validation (chase_active, r_drawentities, gl_wireframe, ..)
- removing the limitation which doesn't allow to use "*" in the setinfo command
- an ability to record movies ("startmovie") even while not playing a demo
- voice subsystem tweaks:
- allowing to use voice chat even when not fully connected
- an ability to change the outgoing voice packet size
- built-in ban manager (block the players you don't want to hear)
- looping the file input (voice_loopinput)
- seeking a position in the file input (voice_seekinput)
- a fix for voice record problem when the game is restored from minimized state
- show the console on game initialization
- advanced scripting interface ("if" and "loop" commands)
- a fix for "spawn 1 1" exploit that can be run against a client
- resource filters (blocking the downloading of sounds, music and banners)
CSXGuard v4 Download

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